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       Loading gophermap from another server
       April 13th, 2018
       Do you deal with multiple gopher servers and need to embed a gophermap
       on one server from another? Here's a very simple trick you can do using
       an executable gophermap, you can see it in action on my phlog listing
       on SDF ( gopher:// )... It's not actually
       hosted on SDF, it's loaded directly from my personal site.
       So to pull this trick off, you'll need an executable gophermap and curl
       like so:
       /usr/pkg/bin/curl -s gopher://
       And, yes, of course, you can embed it inline like so:
       echo -e "1An awesome gopher server\t/\\t70"
       /usr/pkg/bin/curl -s gopher://
       echo This is info text | gsed -e 's/$/\tfake\t(NULL)\t1/' -e 's/^/i/'
       (above example works on SDF/BSD, change paths and use regular sed as
       appropriate, on GNU for instance)