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Alex Higgins Multifeed
BP Multifeed
Plan9 static Multifeed
Windows command script to open all available feeds in VLC

BP Pages:
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Releif Well Schematic
LMRP Cap # 1 diagram

Development Driller III
Discoverer Clear Leader
Discoverer Enterprise
GSF Development Driller II
Helix Producer 1
Loch Rannoch
Mighty Servant 3
Overseas Cascade
Seacor Lee
Toisa Pisces
A Whale
Skandi Neptune
Viking Poseidon
Ocean Intervention III
Boa Deep C
Olympic Challenger

Subsea 7 Hercules ROV
Oceaneering Maxximum ROV
Oceaneering Millennium ROV
Canyon/Helix XLS ROV
TITAN 4 Manipulator System for ROVs
TITAN Wrist Camera
ATLAS Manipulator System for ROVs
COMPATT 5 transponder system

Tinfoil hat links and Doomsday scenarios
Top Five BP Oil Spill Conspiracies

Youtube Videos:
Flaring Operations on Discoverer Enterprise
Corexit Is Killing The Gulf
BP Oil Spill - What not to do with a circular saw...
BP Closing the Middle Ram of the Capping Stack
LMRP Cap #1 installation procedure
Oil Spewing

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evergreen's portraits
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Corexit 9500A MSDS
Corexit 9527A MSDS
Corexit toxicity